Our Story

Our Story

We’re two brothers inspired by the people and flavors found in the Jamaican neighborhoods of New York City where we both went to college. After cooking and eating our way through the kitchens of our friends and neighbors we escaped the city for the island life and landed in the US Virgin Islands. After spending the winter in the Caribbean exploring the local jerk scene and serving pizzas fom a sailboat the idea for Wagwan was born and we decided to bring the powerful flavors of allspice and pimento smoked meat to our hometown of Boston.

We served up our first signature jerk boxes and jerk cones at farmers markets in the summer of 2017 with nothing but a tent, a portable smoker, and a few folding tables. Not sure what to expect, we were grateful to be quickly embraced by the community.

As we grow into the next evolution of the company we are excited to bring our unique blend of Jamaican jerk and New England vegetables to new communities.

We hope you enjoy what we’re cooking up, we have exciting plans ahead.

Our Name

Wagwan /Wah-gwaan/

"Wagwan" is a common greeting in Patois, the native Jamaican language, which means "What's going on?", or a variation of it. It is the first word most people learn in Patois. We chose it as our name because it represents our brand, unique, friendly, inviting, and accessible.