Our Food

Jerk Box

All boxes come with coconut rice and "peas" (aka beans), your choice of meat, 1 vegetable, and a few plantains and homemade pickles

Meat (Choose 1)

Jerk Chicken (Bone-in or Boneless)

We use legs and thighs, marinated overnight in our signature jerk marinade and then smoked over pimento wood chips for maximum flavor

Jerk Pork

Our pork is marinated overnight in our signature jerk marinade, flash grilled to get a nice crisp on the outside, and then slow cooked so the inside stays tender


Get a 3rd side below instead of a meat

Seasonal Vegetables

Note: our vegetables rotate based on what is available fresh from our farm partners, we may have a different selection at each market

Coconut Roasted Carrots (Vegan)

Organic carrots from White Barn Farm roasted with coconut oil, sea salt, and cracked pepper
served warm

Curry Sweet Potatoes (Vegetarian)

Roasted sweet potatoes tossed with apricots, hazelnuts, and a curry spice blend
served chilled, contains nuts

Brussels Sprout Slaw (Vegan)

Thin sliced brussels sprouts tossed with a honey mustard vinaigrette
served chilled

Seasoned Avocado (Vegan)

Ripe avocado with fresh cracked pepper, sea salt, cumin spice mix and a drizzle of olive oil
served chilled

Roasted Beets (Vegan)

Organic Beets from White Barn Farm roasted and mixed with a honey vinaigrette
served chilled

Sauces (Slather Liberally)

Signature Jerk

Cilantro Lime

Mango Habanero

Jerk Cone

Jerk Cones come in a cone shaped container easy for holding and walking around. We fill it up with coconut rice and “peas” (aka beans) and your choice of meat, sauce, and a slice of plantain.


Boneless Jerk Chicken

Jerk Pork

Coconut Roasted Carrots

Add avocado for $1

Specialty Drinks

Our drinks our homemade with fresh, cold-pressed fruit and zero refined sugar. Unless noted, there is no added sugar.
Note: We rotate our drink offerings so actual selecton at each market my differ.

Watermelon Water Fizz

Pure watermelon water served with fresh mint, fresh lime, and a splash of lime seltzer.

Coconut Water Fizz

Pure coconut water served with coconut shavings, fresh mint, fresh lime, and a splash of lime seltzer.

Swank (Jamaican Limeade)

A traditional Jamaican limeade made from hand squeezed lime juice, raw organic coconut sugar, fresh mint, and a splash of fizz

Cold Brew Coffee

Virgin Islands Coffee Roasters coffee cold brewed and naturally flavored with coconut, poured over ice with coconut cream. Dairy free and soy free.